Arthran is a human kingdom on the pseudo-continent of South Duray.

Arthran contains the entirety of the lush Saffron Valley, nestled between the two ranges of the Fogskill Mountains. The valley is approximately 30 miles wide at its widest, and is divided neatly in half by the Ar River, which runs East to West along the entire length of the country, ending in a fertile floodplain at the Western border and capped by the Glimmering Sea. The total run of the Ar River is approximately 150 miles.

Arthran is dominated by the capitol, Arth, the largest city in Arthran. Approximately 600,000 people live there. Cultural works, architects, and artists from Arth are sought all over the world by places as far away as the Talomon Empire, and not just by humans.

As one approaches the middle of the land, one finds many farms. The Ar River provides excellent irrigation to sustain the many kinds of crops and livestock grown beside it. Enough food is grown to feed Arthran, but very little is left over for export.

As one approaches the North or South of the land, one finds many mines. The walls of the valley are rich with precious ores, and communities along them often specialize in extracting and purifying a specific kind of metal or commodity.


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