Time of the Dragons

Dragons and Princesses

In the small and lush valley kingdom of Arthran, the palace is in an uproar. A dragon that makes its home in the catacombs of the surrounding peaks has swept down to the palace in the night and made off with Princess Isabelle, the pride and joy of King Harold and Queen Bethany!

The princess is, of course, very beautiful. The dragon is, of course, very terrible, a scourge that has been terrorizing the outlying villages and farmlands of the kingdom for several years. But apparently, it’s different when the nobility are attacked.

The dragon has sent a message via a survivor of one of the outlying villages that it attacked recently. It has the princess and wants to trade her for the contents of the palace treasury.

The King and Queen were relying on Isabelle marrying into the nobility of a larger, wealthier country that they could ally with. Rather than lose all of his wealth and his daughter, the King has authorized a substantial reward for her return. He has thrown open the gates of Arthran to admit all the mercenaries and adventurers who might be willing to take on such a task.



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